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Why iHAUL 

We work with shippers, retailers, distributors, warehouses, and local residents to handle a number of logistics needs. Residents who need professional, white-glove service to handle their valuables and appliances need look no further. Shippers, warehousers, and distributors who are looking to increase value in their transportation network will find that our 3PL best suits their needs. We can lower costs and supplement your logistics needs whenever shipping capacity is tight. 

For more complicated projects, IHAUL is the solution. We can assist you with organizing and distributing your products by streamlining, consolidating and outsourcing your logistics processes.  Our goal is to provide you with long term financial savings and better overall client service.

Instead of waiting hours, delivery could be completed in a matter of minutes. In an economy where consumers demand faster service, it’s no longer an option to hire an on-demand delivery service. With crowdsourced delivery trending to become the new standard of service, small and big businesses are actively modifying their supply chain. 


Connect with IHAUL today and learn what a dedicated, 3PL can do for you!

B2B & B2C delivery services – transporting everything from single document envelopes and parcels to palletized freight.
Truck and Warehouse
Same Day Delivery

Whether you need something picked up within 30 minutes and delivered immediately, delivered within four hours or by the end of the day we’ll dedicate a carrier to get it there for you.

Delivery Men
Next Day Delivery
Box Delivery
On Demand Delivery

Whether your shipping needs include B2B or B2C, overnight is a great option – and we’re the experienced experts who are ready to help. Choose from morning delivery, afternoon, weekends, and more. Our next day trucking services include expedited freight, partial truckload, expedited LTL, direct trucking, local and deliveries that are regional and national, as well as 24x7x365 tracking.

Whatever your company’s size or needs, we have an on-demand solution that will work to drive your business forward. Choose from within or between cities or state-to-state, just let us know. We understand time-specific on-demand requires special expertise and the right equipment, and we’re ready to get your material where it needs to go and when it needs to get there – reliably and safely – including weekends and holidays.

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