Let us take the load off your back.
IHAUL is more than just logistics, we're your partner
Truck and Warehouse

IHAUL works closely with local freight brokerage companies to provide you with enhanced freight delivery options. We understand the importance of your goods - everything from small loads to large shipments.


We take pride in our ability to accommodate your needs including any last-minute changes to cover a load at a moment’s notice. 

White Glove Service

We'll go above and beyond your standard delivery service and expectations with our extra handling care.

We work with you to determine your important handling requirements.​ We'll also prepare your shipment for the worst case scenario and provide backup if something changes during transit.

Delivery Men

Our integrated distribution services were designed with you in mind to ensure that your products arrive on time and for the right price.


We provide solutions for order fulfillment, retail store distribution, cross-docking and transloading, sensitive order handling, and more.


Our customer care, live load tracking, shared scheduling, and tracking forms make sure you are constantly informed about your shipment details.

Box Delivery

We are fully committed to being the best in our lane so that you can continue to be the best in yours. That’s why we go beyond just a truck and driver.


We'll help set up your order and coordinate with each party involved, including the shippers and consignees. Everything from the order and warehouse management to shipment and delivery, we'll see it through to the end and ensure customer satisfaction.


With IHAUL as your 3PL, it’s not just about finding someone to move your products and coordinate the logistics - we're there with you from start to finish.


We work with shippers, retailers, distributors, warehouses, and local residents to handle a number of logistics needs. Residents who need professional, white-glove service to handle their valuables and appliances need look no further. Shippers, warehousers, and distributors who are looking to increase value in their transportation network will find that our 3PL best suits their needs. We can lower costs and supplement your logistics needs whenever shipping capacity is tight. 

For more complicated projects, IHAUL is the solution. We can assist you with organizing and distributing your products by streamlining, consolidating and outsourcing your logistics processes.  Our goal is to provide you with long term financial savings and better overall client service.


Connect with IHAUL today and learn what a dedicated, 3PL can do for you!